Lichen on panels


Perform a brief Google search about cleaning your solar panels and plenty of DIY results will suggest a mild solution of dish detergent and water is all you need. 

However, this is far from true. 

While you may be able to remove some of the build-up it will soon be back and your efforts will be for little gain. 

As professional solar panel cleaners in Sydney, we know what it takes to keep your panels at their best. 

In this guide, we’ll explain why purpose-made chemical cleaning solutions are necessary for optimal outcomes. 


What Can Be Found On Your Panels?

From the ground, it is easy to think that your panels are simply a little dusty. Far from only being covered in dirt, panels can also have build-up such as:

  • Lichen
  • Bird droppings
  • Sap
  • Leaf litter
  • Soot
  • Mineral deposits
  • Salt mist 

All of these require proper removal with the correct chemicals, tools and methods. 

Despite what many may think, this does not mean high-pressure cleaning with regular detergent, scraping with razor blades or rubbing with a regular cloth.


Why Use Specialist Solar Panel Cleaning Chemicals? 

Understanding what is necessary to remove these deposits is key to ensuring they are effectively eliminated. This also protects your panels from being cleaned with unnecessary force.  

At Spotless Solar Care, we use specially developed cleaning solutions designed to not only break down and dissolve all organic deposits but help deter them in future. 

Solar Wash Protect

Developed and certified for use in cleaning photovoltaic solar panels, this solution targets a wide variety of organic deposits. 

Able to dissolve and remove even the most baked-on grime, the use of this liquid technology at the right dilution leaves your panels spotlessly clean.  

Working in two ways, it also leaves an antistatic coating on your panels, this repels dust, extending the time needed between cleans. 

Lichen Removal

Should your panels have a build-up of lichen, fungi or moss, we use this solution to kill off the growths and discourage their return. 

When sprayed over the panels, this chemical mix causes the lichen to detach from the panels for easier removal. This means no hard scraping or rubbing, protecting your panels from damage. 

Cement Removal

During construction or renovation, it is possible for cement dust and other similar particles to settle on your panels. 

Just like dirt, this reduces their efficiency, however, unlike dirt, it also has the capacity to harden making it difficult to clear away. 

Able to remove cement, rust, stone dust, gypsum and other alkaline contaminants, this solution gently lifts and dissolves these deposits. This allows for easy, effective removal without aggressive scraping, protecting the panels from damage. 

Paint Removal 

Often seen following roof restoration where the panels were not properly protected, paint is very difficult to remove from panels without causing damage. 

Gentle and safe, we use a paint removal solution that breaks down and dissolves any paint deposits on your solar panels. 


We are committed to the protection of our environment and the safety of your household. All chemical solutions used by us in the cleaning of your panels are bio-degradable and safe for both your pets and the garden. 

Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment

Not only down to proper use of chemical solutions, but the right equipment also plays a role. 

As part of a professional cleaning kit, soft-bristle solar panel scrubbing brushes and gentle scrapers designed for panels may also be used. 

To eliminate concerns over mineral build-up, we also use a water deionizer to demineralise the water used during cleaning. Ensuring no watermarks are left post-cleaning. 

These tools, paired with the appropriate chemicals ensure the total and efficient removal of troublesome deposits. 

Of course, being trained to work safely at heights and working while wearing a safety harness also allows for detailed, proper cleaning. 

Why It’s Best To Leave It To The Professionals

As professional solar panel cleaners in Sydney, we’ve seen the damage that can be caused through improper cleaning. 

Offering affordable, efficient service, Spotless Solar Care ensures your panels are safe from:

  • Chemical damage from improper use of cleaning solutions
  • Scratches and cracks from too much force or the use of inappropriate tools

This helps to ensure your panel’s warranty is not voided while also reducing risks to your safety and better use of your valuable time. 

Our solar panel cleaning services are designed to leave your panels in optimal condition and functioning at their best, saving you money on energy costs.

Servicing the North Shore, Northern Beaches and Hills District in Sydney, we make light work of this essential maintenance task. 


With our expert help you can enjoy clean panels, better energy and spotless results. Enquire with us today at 0415 278 988 to receive your obligation-free quote.