• Do Clean Solar Panels Perform Better?

    Yes, dirty solar panels restrict the energy from sunlight from being absorbed by the PV cells within the panel. Bird poo, dust, grime, lichen, mould, leaf litter and more can quickly build up on and around your panels leading to damage and reduced efficiency over time.

    If you imagine how well a dirty window blocks light from passing through, this is the same concept for dirty solar panels. A clean window lets the light in and the same is true for your panels.

    Dirty panels can reduce the efficiency of your residential solar panel output by anywhere from 20-40% depending on the degree of build-up. If you want maximum cost-saving benefits from your solar panels, keeping them clean is key.

  • Can Cleaning Solar Panels Damage Them?

    Not if properly done. Professionals use specialised tools and careful methods to clean solar panels and these ensure no damage is caused during the process.

    There is no need to use harsh chemicals or aggressively scrub panels to clean them and if these techniques are applied then damage can certainly occur.

  • How Often Should I Clean My Solar Panels?

    This can depend on a few factors such as the location of your panels and your climate, however, we recommend booking a clean and inspection a minimum of every 12 months.

    Panels that are directly under trees and experience constant leaf fall or those in more humid climates may need more frequent cleaning to keep them at their productive best.

    Keep in mind that regular cleaning and inspection can also help to find any cracks or damage caused by falling branches or hail. This kind of damage is usually not something you can see without climbing onto the roof and is often missed by homeowners.

  • How Long Does Solar Panel Cleaning Take?

    The duration of your solar panel cleaning will depend on how many panels you have and if there are any difficulties with accessibility for the technician.

    For a standard residential home, you can expect somewhere in the vicinity of two hours per clean, however, our technician will give you a more accurate estimate upon quoting.

  • Why Shouldn’t I Clean My Solar Panels Myself?

    Cleaning solar panels is not as simple as just hosing them off. Proper cleaning requires the use of specialised tools and familiarity with working safely at heights. Opting to clean your panels yourself could see you accidentally damage them or worse, injure yourself in the process.

    Our team is licensed to work at heights and work within all Workplace Health & Safety guidelines. They know where to step on your roof to avoid damage to underlying structures and clean your panels using only proven methods that will not impair their function or damage them long-term.

    It is also much more efficient to have a professional clean your panels, being familiar with the process and having all the right equipment makes for a fast and effective clean.

  • How Much Does It Cost To Have My Solar Panels Professionally Cleaned?

    Again, this will depend on the number of panels installed at your property. Pricing is determined on a per-panel basis so is best discussed with our experts who can provide you with an accurate quotation for the job.

  • What Is The Importance Of Pest Proofing Solar Panels?

    Pests are often not considered when it comes to protecting your solar panels, but unfortunately, it is something we see all too often. Australian wildlife is amazing, but not when they damage your panels!

    Birds, possums, rats and even snakes can cause havoc if they are able to access the underside of your panels. Not only can they accidentally reposition them, but essential wiring can be damaged or pushed out of place too.

    Pest proofing keeps your panels from being a new home to wildlife and deters them from causing damage to your solar system.

  • How Much Does It Cost To Have My Solar Panels Professionally Pest-Proofed?

    Just as with cleaning, the cost for pest-proofing is determined on a per-panel basis. For an accurate quotation, please contact our team who will be happy to advise, we simply need to know how many panels you have installed.

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