Solar panel cleaning


If you’ve noticed a drop in your solar panel’s electricity output and there are no visible faults or damage that would account for this, chances are your panels simply need a clean. 


Even if your panels look clean from a distance, the reality is that dust and dirt are likely present and continuing to accumulate. Other environmental deposits such as pollen, soot, lichen, mould, and leaf litter may also be present.


The problem with these deposits is that they are quite capable of blocking sunlight, leading to a decrease in the energy output and poor performance of your solar system overall.


So if cleaning your panels is the solution, how do you go about this? In this guide, we’ll take a look at what it costs to clean solar panels, how these costs are determined and why investing in professional help is worth it. 


Let’s dive right in. 

Is There An Average Cost To Clean Solar Panels In Sydney?

Pricing for professional solar panel cleaning in Sydney is not usually worked out as a standard package or per panel price. This means there is no real average cost that can be quoted, though a minimum charge is often applied to cover the base costs of cleaning.  


Ultimately, pricing is best determined through a visit to your property, this ensures a tailored quotation that takes into account the unique factors of your home and solar set-up. 


To help you better understand how we quote our solar panel cleaning service prices in Sydney, we have prepared the below. 

Factors Influencing Solar Panel Cleaning Costs

The cost of solar panel cleaning in Sydney and across Australia can vary depending on several factors. These include things such as:  

Size Of The Array

The number of solar panels installed on your roof will influence how much is charged for cleaning. 


This is simply due to the fact that the more panels that are present, the longer the cleaning will take. 


Single-story homes with low roof pitches are typically easier to access and pose a lesser risk than two-story properties or those with a higher-pitched roof. 


The more challenging or dangerous the access is, the higher the costs will be for cleaning your solar panels. More care will be taken regarding safety, which can mean more time is necessary to complete the cleaning. 


Travel time from a professional’s location to your home is also taken into account. Should you live within their usual service area, this is unlikely to influence pricing, however, if you live outside of this, a surcharge may apply. 

Extent Of Buildup

Just as with the number of panels and ease of access, the extent of the build-up will determine how easily or quickly your panels can be cleaned.


Additionally, panels that have stubborn build-up such as lichen or bird droppings may require more detailed attention and the use of specialist cleaning fluids to properly remove it and deter its regrowth. 


The use of these materials and the additional effort involved in properly cleaning them must also be included in the quoted service cost. 

Other Considerations

The level of professionalism offered by your solar panel cleaner is also something you may see reflected in the price quoted. 


A genuine professional should be trained and licensed in how to work safely at heights as well as fully insured. 


This not only ensures your home is protected in the case of accidental damage during cleaning, but that your service provider is properly equipped to clean your solar panels safely. 


Untrained and uninsured service providers may be able to offer a lower rate for cleaning your solar panels, however, the level of risk is significantly higher in terms of something going wrong. 


Likewise, many companies offer solar panel cleaning alongside other services such as window cleaning or gutter cleaning. 


While they may indeed be able to clean your solar panels to a degree, they do not possess the same level of expertise or specialised equipment that a dedicated professional does. This can mean large variances in the quality of outcomes. 

Do I Have To Clean My Solar Panels? 

While you do not have to clean your solar panels, it’s important to consider the potential long-term benefits of doing so regularly. Clean panels operate more efficiently, allowing them to generate more electricity and ultimately provide a better return on investment over time.  


Additionally, regular cleaning can help prolong the lifespan of your solar panels by preventing damage from dirt buildup, hot spots or shading.


For these reasons, investing in regular panel cleaning with a professional in this space is highly recommended. 

Spotless Solar Care – Professional Solar Panel Cleaning In Sydney

At Spotless Solar Care, we pride ourselves on providing tailored, competitively priced solar panel cleaning with zero compromises on the quality of results. 


Licensed to work at heights and fully insured, we specialise exclusively in solar panel cleaning. Giving each panel the time and attention it needs, we guarantee to leave your panels spotlessly clean and working at their optimal capacity. 


With an unmatched reputation for professionalism and customer service, backed by a host of five-star Google reviews, we’re the team you can trust to restore your panels to their best. 


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