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Cleaning & Pest Proofing

Our solar cleaning and pest proofing services are both affordable and professional. No matter what you need with regards to cleaning your solar panels, pest proofing or cleaning of your solar hot water system panels we’re here to make it easy.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Our solar panel cleaning services in Sydney involve use of specilaised equipment and where required, environmentally safe cleaning fluids to remove build up on your panels that impair their efficiency. Dust, debris, bird dropping, lichen, mould, mildew and more are all things commonly found on solar panels.


Over time, if left uncleaned the surface of the panels can become damaged from these pollutants and will stop your panels from operating at full capacity.

Cleaning takes as little as two hours to complete depending on the number of panels you have and is an affordable, safe way to keep your panels performing at their best.


Great care is taken to protect both the panels and the roof of your home during cleaning with all technicians holding relevant training and licensing to work at heights.

Pest Proofing

Pest Proofing

Just as birds, possums and other wildlife can sometimes attempt to make a home in your roof cavity, they can also decide the shelter provided by your solar panels is a great place to settle down.


Pest proofing involves using fine steel mesh to stop the underneath of the panels from being accessible to pests. This protects the panels from damage and ensures none of the essential wiring is disturbed or nibbled on by unwanted guests.


Pest proofing is carried out carefully to ensure the integrity of the panels installation is not compromised and that their position is not altered in any way.

Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water Cleaning

Solar hot water is increasingly more popular due to its ability to significantly reduce the energy costs associated with heating water for the home. However, just as with standard solar panels, if not regularly cleaned, their capacity to function is lessened.


As solar hot water panels do not function well on cloudy or overcast days, it is essential to make sure they are operating at full capacity whilever they are in full sun. This ensures you always have enough hot water when you need it.


The methods used to clean solar hot water system panels are much the same as standard solar panels but can take less time due to their only being a couple of larger panels in place.

During all of our services outlined above, we also perform detailed visual checks regarding the condition of your solar panels. If at any time we note damage, wiring problems or similar you will be notified so you can arrange for repairs with the appropriate specialist. Our goal is to ensure you are always getting the most from your solar at all times.

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