Solar Panel Cleaning


If you have solar panels installed on your property, you’ve no doubt already seen what a huge difference they can make to your energy bill. However, once installed, it can be easy to forget about them – out of sight, out of mind, right?

Did you know that without proper maintenance your panel’s ability to work optimally is reduced? This could mean a slow, but steady increase in the use of grid-based power and as a result, a return to expensive bills.


So how do you keep your panels working at their peak? Let’s take a look.

How Dirty Solar Panels Impact Performance

Think about a window in your home that lets in a lot of sunlight, now imagine it is caked with dirt, grime, lichen, bird poo or similar. Would you expect that the window lets in the same amount of light, or is its capacity for this lessened?

Now consider this in relation to your solar panels and their ability to convert sunlight into electricity.


This is the exact scenario we see on panels all over Sydney – dirty panels that cannot function properly.

Dirt and other grime can impact solar panels in several ways, including:


  • Reducing Sunlight Absorption

In order to work well, the photovoltaic cells within your panels need access to direct sunlight.

The presence of bird poo, pollen, leaves, lichen, dust and dirt on the panels reduces the amount of sunlight each cell can capture.


  • Shading

Sure,  you may have positioned your panels to avoid shading from overhead branches, but did you know thickened grime on panels can have much the same effect?

This causes a drop in power production in the affected panels and in some cases can lead to hotspots and damage to the panels.


  • Overheating

While your panels are designed to sit in the hot sun, they can in fact overheat causing damage and a shortened lifespan. When left uncleaned, layers of dirt on your panels can act like insulation, trapping heat rather than absorbing energy from the sun.

Clean panels support proper dissipation of the sun’s heat for better longevity and performance of the panels.


  • Reduced Output

As indicated above, if your panels are unable to absorb enough sunlight, the fall out of this is reduced energy output.

Studies show that dirty panels can reduce power output by over 35% depending on their position and level of build-up.


How Do I Know If Dirt Is Impacting My Panels Performance?

If you have a solar monitoring system installed, it is worthwhile checking this periodically to see if there has been a drop in energy output. Additionally, checking your average monthly electric bill with solar panels and seeing if you’re paying more than expected can also help pinpoint any issues.


If you see a decrease in energy output and a rise in your energy bills, it’s time to get your panels cleaned and inspected.


The Spotless Solar Solution

The simplest and most effective way to keep your panels performing at their best is to have them professionally cleaned. This should be done at a minimum of once per year. We do not recommend cleaning your panels yourself as working at heights poses significant risk and is unable to deliver the same level of cleanliness as a professional service.


At Spotless Solar Care, we use specialised equipment and purpose-made cleaning solutions to effectively and efficiently remove dirt, lichen, bird droppings, dust, leaves and more. Deionised water is also used to eliminate the risk of mineral deposits on the panels post-cleaning, delivering truly spotless results.


How Long Does Cleaning Take?

Cleaning takes just a few hours, depending on the level of build-up and the number of panels. When cleaned professionally, there is no risk of damage to the panels and great care is taken at all times.

While on your roof, our team also checks for any signs of damage or wear that need to be addressed by your original installer.


Trusted Solar Panel Cleaning In Sydney

At Spotless Solar Care, ensuring your panels are properly cared for and optimised for continued savings is something that we can help you with. We offer professional cleaning of your panels at cost-effective rates, backed by our quality guarantee. Fully insured and with a commitment to exceptional results, we are the team you can trust to leave your panels spotless and able to work at their best.

Consistent maintenance and cleaning ensure your residential solar panels both perform well and deliver greater longevity.


Give your solar system the gift of a professional clean and enjoy maximum energy savings and reduced electricity bills. Call Spotless Solar Care today on 0415 278 988.