Solar Hot Water


A leading sustainable water heating solution, homes all over Australia increasingly opt for solar hot water over electric hot water systems. Why? 


Using solar energy to heat your home’s water has the potential to save you thousands in energy costs every year. Given the ever-increasing price of electricity sourced from the grid, investing in residential solar hot water simply makes sense. 


If you have a solar hot water system installed at your home, you’ll have already experienced the savings and benefits involved. However, what happens if your system starts to falter or seems to be reverting to backup electricity to heat?


In this guide, we’ll look at how to ensure your solar hot water costs in Sydney remain as low as possible and that you’re never without hot water when you need it most. 

Understanding Your Solar Thermal Panels 

To work effectively at maximum efficiency solar hot water systems rely on their solar collector panels to be clean of all debris and build-up. 


Your system’s panels capture the sun’s light and heat energy which is circulated with water through a solar collector – warming the water for use. 


Additional energy generated by trapped sunlight is used throughout the day to keep the water warm. 


When your solar panels are dirty, the ability of these panels to absorb maximum light and heat is compromised. This can mean less hot water is available and/or that the temperature of the water is below what is expected. 

Signs Your Solar Hot Water Panels Need Professional Help

Just as with regular solar systems, your solar hot water system’s efficiency is directly related to how well your panels perform. 


While some issues can occur elsewhere in your system, your panels and their health or lack thereof can lead to problems with your hot water supply. 


Signs your panels are not performing as they should include: 


Lukewarm Water

As mentioned above, tepid or lukewarm water can be a sign that your panels are underperforming. 


This is particularly true if you have been experiencing frequent hot sunny days where the panels have had plenty of direct sunlight. 

Limited Hot Water 

If the available amount of hot water is continually reducing or you notice drops in hot water stores even on the sunniest of days, your panels may need attention. 


If the panels are unable to trap enough heat, your system’s settings may only draw up enough water to match the available heat.

Your Energy Bill Has Increased

While your system is intended to use renewable energy for water heating, most solar water heaters are also connected to an electrical source. 


This ensures that even on the coldest, cloudy day, your system can still provide you with hot water. However, if your panels are dirty, your system may frequently fall back on electricity rather than solar energy.


If your energy bill is experiencing unexpected increases without obvious explanation, it’s worth inspecting your panels. 

How Often Is Solar Hot Water Maintenance In Sydney Required?

No matter if your solar hot water installation was within the last 12 months, 5 years or more – regular cleaning of your panels is necessary.  


Rather than wait until you’re experiencing issues with your hot water supply, we highly recommend organising an annual cleaning of your system’s solar panels. 


This restores the optimal performance of your panels and keeps your system working as it should. It can also extend the longevity of your panels for a better return on investment.  

The Spotless Solar Care Difference

At Spotless Solar Care, we offer efficient, affordable cleaning of your solar hot water panels so you can enjoy reliable green energy water heating all year round. 


Using the latest equipment and purpose-made cleaning solutions, we remove all build-up on your panels for a spotless result. 


Our methods are gentle, yet effective and carried out by a fully insured technician who is trained to work safely at heights. Showing utmost respect for your property at all times, we guarantee to leave your panels looking as good as new. 


During the cleaning of your solar panels, should we notice any possible faults or damage to other components of your system, we also report this back. This allows for more rapid attendance by a qualified solar installer and restoration of your hot water. 


Experience the professional and skilled service offered by Spotless Solar Care. Book your solar hot water panel maintenance clean today via our online enquiry form or by calling 0415 278 988.